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Mini for-4 Prefab Cabins designed by Tomaž Noč & Katarina Arsekić and manufactured by EkoKoncept

Location: Camping Bled, Sava Camping, near Lake Bled in Slovenia.

From the architects and the manufacturer:

The four mini for-4 wooden objects are situated in the Slovenian Alpine region in the proximity of beautiful Lake Bled.

The clients approached the company EkoKoncept, which specializes in the design and production of low-energy wooden prefabricated houses and pavilions, wanting to upgrade the existing campsite with glamping-like accommodations.

Architect Tomaž Noč and associate Katarina Arsekić were challenged to design a compact dwelling object that would have all the commodities of a hotel room, but still be simple and in the direct contact with the surrounding nature. While designing the object they kept in mind the traditional architectural form in the region as well as the weather conditions on this specific location.

With the dramatic background of steep, rocky forest the for-4 was designed as two volumes with a sloping roof, connected together in a traditional A-form. The energy efficient wooden construction, made from local spruce wood, is protected from the humid woods in the background with a side bitumen cladding and a back façade covered with larch. The units are almost completely closed off and sheltered from three sides facing the forest, only to open up with big glazed surfaces to the magnificent views of nature in the front.

The mini for-4 is suitable for dwelling all year round. The exterior walls are very well insulated thus very little energy is used for heating as well as cooling. Trying to be as sensitive to the surroundings as possible the objective was to build the units as quickly and with fewer intrusion as possible. It was decided that the positions of the units were to be adapted to the existing terrain, creating a floating feeling from the inside.

Also, the for-4 (while minimizing the construction time on site) was designed on a principle of a mobile building, with specified dimensions suitable for transportation in one piece. Each unit was made out of two separate volumes, completely furnished in the production. Separate volumes were then transported on the site and positioned into prepared bases and connected on site in less than a day.

This pragmatic approach to the assembly was quite a challenge concerning the interior. The client requested a single 27,40 m² unit to accommodate 4+2 people and have the option for independent cooking and bath. This was possible by smartly shifting the two separate volumes thus creating a layout with plenty of storage room, a practical bathroom, mini kitchen with a dining table, folding couch, bunk bed, and a separate bedroom. The interior opens up to the outside terrace trough large Aluminium framed windows, making space inside appear much larger and connected to the surrounding nature.

Careful positioning shifted volumes and natural barriers on site, provide the units with privacy, despite proximity to one another. Materials used in the interior were chosen in accordance with the clients’ wishes. Floors were covered with durable, light parquet and water-based grey epoxy (bathroom). All the furniture was designed and positioned to use as little space as possible, while still providing necessary storage. The color palette was limited to white, grey and off-white color, using the views trough front windows as the main decorative element.


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